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We serve fresh, we serve halal. Specializing in Indian and Pakistani cuisine.


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This place is unbelievable. It's a small restaurant on Coney Island Avenue, but you would never think that a place so small could have a chef to good. The food here is absolutely wonderful. They have a full line of dishes, so there's lots to try.


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Pick anything off the menu at random it will be good but I especially recommend the superb dosas.


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Great, could work on the juiciness on the paratha overall DELICIOUS


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I wish they'd specified the order did not come with rice.

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Tonight I totally forgot to change my address from my old apartment to my new apartment. Needless to say, it was a disaster. New delivery guy, didnt know his way around my area, got lost, and ended up going back to the restaurant. It was all totally my fault, and I felt so bad. I called the restaurant and spoke to the manager and told them to just keep the food and not worry about, maybe even give the food to someone else. The manager felt so bad that I wasnt getting my food, that he delivered the food himself. I ordered the food three hours ago and it finally arrived 45 mins ago. When the manager arrived, I went all the way downstairs to meet him at the front door instead of him coming up to me. When I met him, he told me a story of how much food means to him, and the thought of giving my food away when it was meant for me, he just couldnt stand the thought of it. I didnt even mind waiting all the extra time, because it was worth it in the end to have that human moment.


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I love these guys. Not only are they super-nice when you actually go in, but the food is great. Is it fancy? No. Is it extremely well done for a very low price? Yes. The meat isn't always the best quality, but all of the sauces are made fresh; you often find nearly whole garlic buds, and there's an actual undertaste to everything instead of the weird overly sugary stuff you get in a lot of supposedly higher quality places


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I always forget to write a review but this place always has served me good food and the delivery people are very polite and kind. Sometimes they run a bit late but they have always apologized when they do and will call to let me know. Thank you for your good service


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Madina is so OUTSTANDING - granted we only order vegetarian items, but it is the best indian food in the neighborhood and the best I've ever had for delivery anywhere! Prices are also reasonable, we order all the time. Best chana masala I've ever had!


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Best tikka masala I've ever had, seemed authentic. Warning: the entre doesn't come with rice. But I'd still order from here again.

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Dinner, Indian, Lunch Specials, Pakistani
Takeout: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Madina was started in 25 by two friends ‚ one from Pakistan and the other from India who wanted to share delicious traditional food with the Brooklyn community. Madinas chef specializes in preparing mouth-watering authentic food such as Chicken Biryani, Shish kebab, Tandoori Chicken, Chana masala & many more delectable vegetarian and meat dishes. All of our food is prepared with loving attention to ingredients and spice mixtures. We freshly prepare Naan bread using a special recipe and cooking method, and our traditional Chai is made to order with a hint of cardamom. At Madina people meet to enjoy good food and conversation. Our fresh NAAN bread and Tandoori Roti is based on an ethnic old recipe made in the clay oven called 'tandoor. Madinas Chicken Tikka Masala is made to suit the spice acceptance level of our diversified clientele in the neighborhood. Our distinctive menu offerings also include a wide variety of appetizers like Samosas, Stuffed Peppers, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Shish Kebab, vegetable Pakora, Egg-plant Pakora, fish cutlets, beef cutlets and many more. Madina is open all night, so whenever you have a craving for a delicious selection of homemade foods, Please visit or give us a call.